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Hi! I’m Tatyana.

I am a Behavioral Assessment Expert, Management Consultant and Executive Coach. I help organizations and individual leaders achieve greater results and reduce costs by helping them optimize their people—at every level —from Receptionist to CEO.

What makes us different?

Our customized approach

Our data-driven talent management solutions help organizations hire smarter and engage employees fully to create high-performing cultures that drive results. Every organization and every position is unique. We start by understanding your needs and your goals and then arm you with accurate, objective, and reliable data to hire, manage and retain great  employees.   

Tools that help you know your people on a deeper level

We’ve taken the guesswork out of what makes a great employee. By measuring how your top performers do the work you can reliably predict success in all positions and ensure that you hire the right people for the right jobs every time. 

Actionable insights from hire to retire

Whether you’re  filling an open position, building an effective team, identifying talent gaps, or developing your leaders, our suite of assessment solutions, coaching services, and expert insights will help you fuel the growth of your people and your business.

Let’s Get You On The Path To Greater Success

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Why should we work together?

People are the foundation of every business and we can help you optimize your people for greater results. Our expertise lies in helping you select and develop great people.

We should talk if:

  • You’re hiring, coaching or developing employees and leaders
  • Your company is downsizing and you need help identifying the most productive employees
  • Your company is growing or you are opening a new location and you want to replicate the success you’ve enjoyed so far. You want to get it right the second time.
  • You’re always innovating and want to be the first to incorporate the latest tools available to crush the competition.

What we don’t do:

  • We do not offer recruiting services
  • We do not provide HR consulting or staffing
  • We do not do background checks 
  • We do not work with status quo organizations

Our expertise lies in helping you select and develop great people, as well as grow your leaders through transformative coaching.

Data Driven Assessment Tools


Job Matching

Coaching & Development

Performance Management

Strategic Workforce Planning

We help organizations worldwide create high-performing workforces through a suite of scientifically-validated assessments to better understand their people. Assessments help simplify your selection process, increase employee retention, and satisfaction and save you time and costly hiring expenses.

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What our customers are saying

Tatyana was truly a pleasure to work with. She follows up to make sure that all my needs are met, and will always take a call to help me.

Larry Cassesa, Abicor Binzel

Tatyana is an excellent coach and facilitator with high expertise. She also takes the extra time to develop an understanding of the big picture which helps her build strong relationships and be a strategic business partner. I appreciate her for ongoing support, proactive and great customer service.

Aliya Telemtayeva, HR Director, Strategic HR Business Partner, Business Coach

Tatyana has been a pleasure to work with! She goes out of her way to ensure we have everything we need to be successful in the adminstration of our assessments. She’s quick, smart and a true partner! Highly recommended…

Heidi Cunningham, Liberty Property Trust

About Great People Management

Meet Tatyana

As the founder of Great People Management, I’ve dedicated my career to innovations in talent management and helping CEO’s drive higher levels of success in life and business.

I believe that great organizations start with great people. Since 2004, I’ve brought the most innovative tools in talent management to help hiring managers connect great people to great organizations. My philosophy is simple; the wrong hires aren’t bad people. They’re just miscast for the job.

You’ve spent years making your vision a reality, let me help you achieve better results by showing you how to hire and retain great people. 

What sets us apart

At Great People Management, we work with you to create a customized approach to achieving success through great people. We use innovative tools to uncover the unique behaviors of your high-performing people and translate them into an actionable roadmap to great organizations led by great people.

Our Style

It’s simple—people are our focus. We work with leaders and organizations as a trusted partner to help achieve greater success through great people. We work with you every step of the way to hire, develop, and retain great people for your organization. 

Our process

We make complicated processes and systems simple and human. There’s a wealth of information on engaging, hiring, and retaining the right people. We work with you every step of the way to simplify that information and turn it into your next great hire.

Ready For Better Results?

If you’re looking for a proven way to fill an open role, create effective teams, or develop leaders, we are a good match! We offer a suite of tested hiring assessments and innovative hiring techniques to help you select and retain great people.

If you are looking for a recruitment or staffing partner, we’re probably not a good fit. Our expertise lies in helping you select and grow great people through innovative systems and coaching.

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