We Offer A SIMPLE, HUMAN And SMART Approach To Hiring And Managing Employees

We know you have many options when it comes to talent assessments. With Great People Management you get:

  • A dedicated talent advisor
  • A tailored assessment solution that will help you find your unicorns
  • Tracked results/ROI on your investment

Our Mission:
 To help organizations achieve greatness by placing the right people in the right jobs, building successful teams, and coaching and developing managers and leaders. We are passionate about helping organizations HIRE GREAT PEOPLE – people who fit their jobs perfectly, who are motivated and engaged, and those who bring JOY to the workplace. These are the key components of  a high performance  culture that drives results and outpaces the competition.

Our Vision:  Without people – there are no companies, no profits, no innovation, no progress. PEOPLE ARE THE FOUNDATION OF BUSINESS and great people make great companies.

What We Do:  We help companies identify and fix their people problems by helping them make consistently better decisions regarding their people. We create custom solutions for every client to understand and manage their existing talent, select the right people and develop them to their full potential.

How We Work: We help our clients make sense of the plethora of information on selection and talent management and together we come up with the best, most cost-effective assessment program that will help them avoid costly mistakes associated with personnel hiring and management. We work with leading HR and leadership research teams, a robust suite of assessment solutions and Talent Management resources to establish sustainable people selection and management solutions and help business owners and executives reduce cost and complexity in people management and improve profitability.

Results: REDUCED HIRING MISTAKES, decrease in bad hires and costs associated with them, improved engagement, maximized performance, increased managerial effectiveness, lower turnover, improved productivity, sales growth and higher profitability.

About Tatyana St. Germain

Hello! My name is Tatyana St. Germain and I look forward to helping your organization achieve greatness by placing the right people in the right jobs, building successful teams, coaching and leadership development. Why do I do it? Because great people will achieve great results.

Great People Management started with the idea that employee selection and management should not be complicated. With the wealth of knowledge, variety of tools, and custom solutions available on the Talent Management market today, it is possible to get the cost and complexity out of the way.  Innovations in Talent management and people resources have been my primary focus since 2004.  I have led business showcases and educational programs on the topic of selecting and managing people in the workplace.

As an Authorized Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International, a leading provider of assessment solutions, I have worked with organizations across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, and continue to utilize Profiles assessment solutions to provide my clients with actionable data for hiring, development and succession planning. Profiles International was acquired by Wiley & Sons in April of 2014.  And now, as part of the Wiley brand and backed by over 200 years of combined research, Great People Management remains committed to provide our clients with superior solutions and services.

I am passionate about helping my clients hire smart, achieve their strategic objectives and realize a considerable return on the investment made with Great People Management. More often than not, organizational success hinges on people than drive it. People truly are the foundation of every business and the backbone of value and innovation created by an organization. Establishing a sustainable people selection and management solution is well worth the money, time and effort.